Costing membership of a social change movement is no easy task. Some of the benefits are obviously tangible - events, resources, advice, to name a few. Membership fees go towards offsetting the cost of these.

Other returns on investment are more intangible - they fall into the categories of adding value to the movement, being part of creating a legacy and taking an active role in leading change.

The membership costing model below has been carried over from EDN and will stand until 30 June 2014. During that time we'll be discussing it amongst ourselves and talking to members about whether it works and what improvements can be made. We'd welcome your feedback.

Membership until 30 June 2014 (new members will pay pro rata) is:

  • Self-employed / up to 20 employees: $300*
  • 21 - 100 employees: $1500*
  • 101 - 1000 employees: $3000*
  • 1000 + employees: $5000*

*All membership fees exclude GST

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