Arash Tayebi

Profile image of Arash Tayebi I am a problem solver who uses an engineer’s logical approach mixed with a little bit of creativity and wit to answer questions. I like challenges and face them with open arms and an open mind. I am not bad at performing stand-up comedy, so I can make you laugh!

I am an entrepreneur and spend most of my time in my start-up, where we use a design approach to improve accessibility for the Deaf using hyper-realistic signing avatars. I have dyslexia and Meniere’s disease, which led to unilateral hearing loss. Nevertheless, I am very energetic! I got my PhD last year, am directing my start-up full time, and am learning sign language.

The Be. Leadership Programme helped me to recognise my powers better and find better ways of contributing to society. This programme taught me how to help, inspire and challenge others to follow their dreams, and contribute to the betterment of the society to my fullest potential. I would like this world to be a place with no discrimination and an inclusive and accessible place for everyone. Every day I wake up with this image in my mind and try to put one step forward towards this goal.