Ite Lemalu

Profile image of Ite Lemalu I am a New Zealand-born Samoan and have lived in Auckland all of my life. As the youngest of four siblings, I grew up playing the piano by ear from the age of three. Music was very central in our family as well as our culture and church, and it was also my livelihood for over ten years.

I am the Media Relations Manager for Fale Dojo, an international pro-wrestling training school. I am also a pianist for my church in Henderson, West Auckland. I am very passionate about using my skills in music and writing to serve my community. I’ve learned to engage with audiences as a musician.

However, since joining Be. Leadership, the greatest insight that I’ve gained is that leadership requires engaging with people in an open conversation. Be. Leadership has helped me to further develop my communication skills. I am absolutely enjoying my experience with Be. Leadership and being part of a valuable team that is passionate about instilling change in the world is inclusive to everyone’s needs.