Jasmine Gracie

Profile image of Jasmine Gracie I am a strong person and I love to laugh. I’m fluent in NZSL, I’m a mother, and a lobbyist.

Growing up I found it difficult not being heard or listened to, and I encountered barriers to my participation, which was a struggle. I’ve found a good counsellor and through this process, I have been able to really reflect on myself and what I value.

I work for CCS Disability Action. Through my own experiences I have been able to learn how to support others in the Deaf community and improve access for them to make their lives better. Because of my vision for improving access for my community, one of my colleagues suggested I apply for the programme.

Be. Leadership has taught me about diversity and different perspectives. It has encouraged me to look at my own behaviour and thinking, and challenged me to think about how I communicate my own views. It has made me realise that you need to look below the surface and understand people’s depth – their challenges and life experience. It has made me realise that it doesn’t matter what the differences between you are, you still need to work collaboratively.

In the future I would like to study history, sociology and counselling and become an advocate for my community’s access and their needs. One day I would like to write a book.