Karen Jack

Profile image of Karen Jack Fascinated by what makes people tick and how we relate to each other, I’m an avid people watcher… and Netflix binger. Any time I can I’ll jump in a hammock, but I’m also drawn to vibrancy and action. When given the choice I’ll choose rustic and pre-loved to pristine, and grey over black and white.

One question has stuck in my mind since I was a child, “why should I have when others have not?” Answering this has guided my career, starting as an Occupational Therapist and journeying to where I work today, at an organisation dedicated to stopping the cycle of poverty and disability in the world’s poorest nations.

I believe in equal access for all, to education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities – improving accessibility is essential to making this a reality. This year I’m learning how to contribute to the change and not sit around hoping someone else will do it.