Ollie Goulden

Profile image of Ollie Goulden What is the most important thing in the world? It is people! I’m passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential. My goal in life is to remove the barriers that prevent people, especially those with disabilities, from doing so.

I currently live in Wellington, but I spent my early years in Christchurch. I describe myself as an adventurer, beer snob, cat lover and more. I divide my time between working, hanging out with friends and relaxing at home with my cat. I work at my local Anglican church and engage in lots of community activities.

Living with Spina Bifida has given me more than my fair share of challenges. It has also given me several unique opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Be Leadership has taught me the real value of community that to make change we have to unite to challenge the status quo. It has cemented the importance of valuing each person for who they are and the unique contribution they can offer.

I have learned practical skills and gained the confidence to make change in my community and in the wider world by speaking truth to power in order to make New Zealand a more inclusive place.