Sarvnaz Taherian

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I’m a research psychologist, trying to make sure that the things we design are human centric and meaningful. Outside of work I try to motivate non-techie people to step into the tech world, as they are just as valuable in the tech industry. Tech is just a tool for us to live and be better, the real value is in understanding human and environmental needs — both areas require you to be able to think outside the box and dream big.

I’m passionate about using tech to create equal opportunities for people. For the past seven years that focus has been on enabling people with severe physical disabilities to access communication through computers. I hope that the work that I do in my lifetime will help contribute to a society where no one has to worry about their basic needs and can flourish.

So far, the Be.Leadership programme has shown me the magic of working with a truly diverse group of people. It is quite wonderful to see the impact of addressing everyone’s access needs and enabling people to be who they truly are.