Sean Winterbottom

Sean Winterbottom One of the insights Be. Leadership has given me is the realisation that I am a leader, with my own leadership style. I have also learned I need to recognise my injury and disability, so I am aware of both my weaknesses and strengths, and act accordingly.

As a leader, I believe in using logic to resolve situations, coupled with empathy and humour. I am a constructive and inclusive leader who believes leadership is not the same as management. With leadership comes responsibility.

I'm passionate about creating accessible learning opportunities for all members of the community. I truly enjoy taking complex stories, concepts and events and creating an environment where all parties feel they are in control of their learning and knowledge, enabling each individual to feel they are heard.

While my roles as son, brother, father and teacher dictate how I use most of my time, I retain my individuality by expressing my version of these roles to the very best of my ability.