Annelize Steyn

Profile photo of Annelize Steyn  I am a listener, with a full circle approach to everyday life. I am a grandmother – I adore our beautiful grandchildren, and love teaching them about our culture and food, and leaving a memorable legacy behind. I am creative and have a love of gardening, craft, and entertaining.
I am proud to work for Enliven (Presbyterian Support Central). They have given me many opportunities to grow during the 11 years I have been employed. My team was the first in New Zealand to adopt the Eden Alternative Principles, which is a philosophy of care. Through my leadership at the homes where I have worked, I contribute daily in equipping staff to embrace this philosophy. I also volunteer as the Chairperson for Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Wellington Branch.
Living with a neuro-muscular condition and experiencing gradual decline has been a challenge. But, it is important to mention that even in this, I have learned to be adaptable and innovative, patient and resourceful. My leadership style is leader as host. In my everyday life, at work and home and in my volunteer roles, I feel comfortable operating in this space.
I think that often leaders don't create enough opportunity to talk to those they serve. Meaningful conversations will bring challenges and difference of opinion but will allow for transparent processes and integrated communities.