Arlene Ganley

Profile photo of Arlene Ganley I am a tenacious, determined, busy working mum of four and Nana of three. I have a thirst for education and new information, always trying to upskill and improve along my way. I love to mentor others, providing advice and supporting others through life experience. I have a passion for fairness, accessibility and acceptance – accepting all despite differences must become a motto for an improved New Zealand society.

Coupled with the completion of my Bachelor's degree in English and History, the biggest challenge in my life has been bringing up my four wonderful kids. More recently I have had to come to terms with a number of surgeries to help improve my future mobility.

One of the greatest qualities I bring to my leadership journey is empathy. I know from experience that access citizens face and solve different kinds of challenges every day, having to rely on personal grit to get where they want to be. "Can't" is not in my dictionary.

From my experience I have determined that a good leader is not someone who controls, but rather someone who inspires and encourages.

After 30 years helping to manage the family business, it is now my time to concentrate on where I am going. My future leadership journey starts here. Watch this space!!