Emma Brookes

Profile photo of Emma Brookes I am a recent convert to the religion of DIY and have become fairly handy with a drill! I reluctantly admit the title of crazy cat lady with two Burmese fur babies who are likely the most spoiled cats in Cambridge. I would describe myself as forthright but still believing in rainbows and unicorns!
I've spent my career in the dairy industry and come from a farming family. I'm passionate about changing the way my organisation fronts up in relation to the gnarly issues. There is so much goodness in the nutrition of dairy that we bring to the world, in addition to the responsibility we have to the wellbeing and prosperity of all New Zealanders.
My approach to leadership centres on curiosity and authenticity. I'm curious about the way people think and behave and the consequences of this. I focus on bringing the most authentic version of myself to each conversation so that hopefully others feel that I value their input and honest relationships can evolve.
I think there are aspects about being an access citizen that we don’t always recognise. These include empathy, adaptability, innovation, grit and striving for better outcomes. From what I have read about the future of work, these are all competencies required of leaders in the future.