Jarek Beksa

Profile photo of Jarek Beksa I am a designer, a team leader, a sound engineer, PhD student, lecturer and entrepreneur. I am optimistic, creative, enthusiastic, energetic, hard-working, passionate, both a rationalist and an idealist at the same time. I am Polish-made, but consider New Zealand my home. During the week, I work on my startup enterprise – making games for visually impaired players – and during weekends I play games. I love sports – especially running and swimming.
Some of my previous team mates called me a locomotive because I can inspire and gather others to join whatever I’m doing. I try to give team members freedom to act in their own ways, to unleash their potential – not to block it or frame it.
With my start-up, I fill a gap by developing accessible high quality and fun games, which can be played by both sighted and non-sighted people – giving the same level of fun and bringing these two groups together. I also recently created a voice platform for the Blind Foundation of New Zealand – a solution to provide over 15,000 audiobooks to over 20,000 Blind Foundation clients. Outside work I mentor young students and young entrepreneurs thinking about running a startup.
My aspirations in life are to develop the most accessible games for those with visual impairments. I wish to share my knowledge and inspire others to create more, and ever improving, accessible games and software.