Kelli-Anne Te Huki

Profile photo of Kelli-Anne Te Huki I am a proud kiwi and a strong Māori Wāhine. I am an old soul that refuses to learn the languages of hate and prejudice, only speaking in those filled with empathy, compassion, and respect for others. To me, life is a continual learning process where the world is our classroom and there is always room for improvements. However, a bit of laughter and goofiness never goes astray.
I am currently on my Be. Employed Internship as Queer Support Intern at Otago University Students’ Association (OUSA), designing and conducting a study looking into LGBTQIA+ access to student support and corresponding experiences at Otago University. Alongside my work, my passions sit within the world of arts, being covered in color and holding a paintbrush, taking a snapshot, or singing along to good music.
I am actively involved in volunteer work, from volunteering through various UniCrew and OUSA roles, and I truly believe in giving back to society. Looking into and bettering inclusivity for everyone is something I am really passionate about. Coming from a background in Psychology and Criminology, this gives me more insight to influence one of the many changes I want to see in the world. As a firm believer in coexistence and equality, I aim to make the world a more accessible and brighter place for all and, with this opportunity thanks to Team Be., these are my first steps in that journey.