Kirsten Taylor

Profile photo of Kirsten Taylor I would describe myself as a kind spirit, and curious soul. I am of NZ European, French and Scottish decent and originally hail from Gisborne. Moving to Hong Kong age 30 and undertaking 2 years there in a senior role in the corporate trust division of an American Bank was probably the biggest challenge of my life. I returned to New Zealand 6 years ago and now work full time as Philanthropy Manager at Perpetual Guardian managing the Perpetual Guardian Foundation, and also am the primary caregiver for my son Leo, aged 2. I like to spend time with people and in places that nourish me.
My approach to leadership is values based, and centered on inclusion, and empowering others. I work to the ethos that there is always something to learn, no matter where you sit, or what your title is. I believe in listening to others to learn about where they come from and where they want to go. Be authentic. Be kind. Always.
Through the Be. Leadership Programme I am discovering that leadership is far more dynamic and layered than what I entered the programme thinking, which I felt was already quite evolved, but not academic. Leadership as host is emerging as a powerful framework for me.