Lilly Down

Profile photo of Lilly Down I’m a born and bred Cantabrian. I am an auntie who loves spending time with my family. Often described as a people person, I am committed to ensuring that everyone is included in their own communities. I enjoy seeing myself and others grow both personally and professionally. This includes within my football team, friendship circles, family and colleagues.
So far on the Be. Leadership Programme I have learned that leadership is more like a state of being, as opposed to an identity. The role of leadership goes beyond the traditional concept explained by scholars. This has led me to recognise what those around me and myself do, which is an element of natural and authentic leadership. I have also learned that self-discovery and awareness are crucial in leadership.
I am driven to support our society and communities through all that I may gain on the Be. Leadership programme. My aim is to become an advocate for people to access the support and services they need to enjoy life. As a social worker, understanding that everybody has a different experience and set of needs is crucial to ensuring all people thrive.  My vision is for a world where all people see the potential and good within themselves and each other.