Melissa Wells

Profile photo of Melissa Wells I am a vibrant, colour-loving, compassionate introvert. I currently work as a visitor services host at Te Papa. Originally from a small town in the South Island, I have found my happy place in Wellington.
The Be. Leadership Programme has helped me develop a greater understanding of myself and my personality preferences. My approach to leadership is through facilitation. I love seeing people grow and learn when they have the right support and encouragement. At work, I facilitate with visitors an exciting and accessible experience within our national museum. Outside of work, I am an administrator for several online support groups for people (like me) with Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and related pain conditions.
Living with invisible chronic pain conditions has made me more aware and perceptive of other’s emotions and pain levels. I have taken it upon myself to raise awareness, and to support others so that no one else feels unsupported like I did when I was first diagnosed. I have done this through administrating online support groups, facilitating meet ups, and through my Master’s thesis, titled The Art of Chronic Pain.

I have been made aware of the challenges and barriers within society because I have experienced them myself. It is from this unique perspective that I take part in facilitating changes to create a world where wherever we go, whoever we are, there is access and acceptance for everyone.