Min Khanthee

Profile photo of Min Khanthee I’m a creative, easy going and optimistic person. In my spare time, I enjoy going on adventures. I like staying active and being outdoors. Surfing has become an awesome pastime – it’s very meditative :). I also like to divvy my time with friends and family. I identify myself as tri-cultural (Thai/French/Kiwi), queer and neurodiverse. In my community, I like to make sure that everyone I encounter feels included.
I recently finished a degree in Psychology and Sociology. I plan to pursue further study in Psychology. Currently, I’m enjoying being a teacher aid and the volunteer work I do at RainbowYOUTH.
I view leadership as a collaborative process that ultimately empowers individuals to be their authentic selves. The programme has allowed me to shift the way I view myself in terms of leadership. Be. Leadership has equipped me with new frameworks and modes of thinking. I no longer see leadership as an elusive concept, but a quality that we all share.
If I could change anything in the world I would change people's mindsets, so that everyone was focused on self-growth. If people were more self-aware, I think they’d be a lot more compassionate towards themselves, one another, and the environment.