Nadmea Carvalho

Profile photo of Nadmea Carvalho I am a creative, a problem solver. I am self-motivated, and determined (some people call me stubborn). I am a lover of life. I am a ceramist, and also work as a support worker. My greatest achievement and the thing I am most proud of in life is my family – my 5 beautiful kids. Life has taught me to accept change, even when it is difficult or even tragic.
A great role model for me in leadership is Mahatma Ghandi – I admire his persistence, and his pacifism. My approach to leadership is to take action, and to be pragmatic. I believe in the first ripple that the stone makes when it falls in the water – do your best for who is nearest to you right now. I believe that there are leaders everywhere, some of them are just hidden by circumstances.
The Be. Leadership Programme has taught me that we have never finished with the work of self-awareness. Dammit...we can always improve. More hard work coming!
My greatest wish is for everyone in the world to have the opportunity and support to explore who they are, and to be supported to just be themselves.