The Impact of Be. Leadership

Michael Campbell, 2015 Be. Leader

"It was the most challenging but the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. And the doors that have opened for me were just incredible, and I don’t think I would be in the same positive position that I am in now without the programme. I am really grateful to have been selected to go on this programme.”

Tonya Baker, 2015 Be. Leader
"The Programme is an example of leadership itself, an open forum of conversation and exploration, a chance to learn from others, try out new trains of thought, with space to critique and challenge what we hear, feel and how we respond.”

Wayne Forrest
, 2013 Be. Leader
"The Be. Leadership Programme has enabled me to start new conversations in my community and begin to fight where there is a need. It has made me aware that if something needs to change, I can't just carry on and not do something about it."

Erin Gough
, 2011 Be. Leader
"I have been able to use the many practical skills learnt during the Be. Leadership programme to take on multiple leadership roles in my community."

Matt Frost
, 2011 Be. Leader
"The programme model…was an excellent, active form of learning. I use the insights I gained from the speakers and interactions every day in my workplace."

Tony Howe, 
2012 Be. Leader
"At the very last session of the year it all fell into place for me and I had an overwhelming understanding of the fact that this had been a tremendous personal growth opportunity. I realised that not only was the programme applicable to my work but that the people I had met and shared time and emotion with during the year had taught me an immeasurable amount personally."

Vicki Terrell, 
2013 Be. Leader
"The Be. Leadership programme has affirmed the critical importance of valuing people you work with in leadership. In leadership it is vital to know your team and know oneself. I’m discovering I need to be more courageous in trusting my own judgement."

Kim Eruera
, 2012 Be. Leader
"The programme brought huge self-awareness, and an understanding that my leadership style is not something to hide, but rather to celebrate and continue to work on. It also brought me back to a level of confidence I had not known for quite a while, and I am grateful."

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