#12 Be. Leadership September 2013 - The Media

By Jake Mills

My trip back to Be. Leadership began with an early morning flight from New Plymouth to Auckland on Friday the 6th of September, waking before the sunset and knowing the next two days were going to be full on. Arriving in Auckland at 8am I was greeted by Gareth and our taxi driver, a big smile from Peter and a cheeky comment from Greg. I knew that the Be. Family was back together.

The subject for this month was 'The Media' a topic that would once again challenge our thinking and provoke new conversations within the group. We were four people down this month and it was going to be a challenge in itself to keep the energy levels high. Luckily there were three very energetic speakers to keep the room captivated.

The Friday started with a quick catch up between the Be. Leaders and then straight into the sessions. The first speaker was Vaughn Davis, a very experienced social networker and journalist. His insight taught me the importance of having a plan and understanding how the media operates. With new technology there is a much faster way to keep updated with the events of the world than the 6 o'clock news. Social media websites such as Twitter allow the public to share ideas directly with news presenters and gain momentum on topics that may usually be overlooked.

The second speaker was Wallace Chapman. He is the host of the Pub Politics show, Back Benchers and a RadioLive presenter. His story was emotionally moving and he related easily with the Be. Leaders. He gave a totally new perspective on what can happen when somebody puts their heart and soul into something. You can create change no matter what you are trying to achieve as long as you are prepared to fight for it.

After our two great speakers we moved on to a media workshop with Philip, Lesley and Michelle. We put all the ideas from the day out in the open and worked in pairs to write a media release. The purpose was to reflect on what we had learnt throughout the day and to be prompt and direct with our messages. Finally after a long day we wrapped up the session with delicious seafood meal at the IBIS hotel in Ellerslie and a few cold beverages. It was time to head home and rest before our final day.

Day two started with our syndicate 'The Purple Magicians' in charge of running the session. I was lucky enough to host the third and final speaker Andrew Fagan. I felt that Andrew Fagan was a very kind man who was very outgoing but also happy in being on his own. He was the lead singer of The 'Mockers', an iconic New Zealand band and has also made history by being the first person to sail on a solo voyage around New Zealand in a sailing boat (size specific) and most recently is a co-host with his wife, Karen Hay on RadioLive 7-10pm. His presence was electric as he took the Be. Leaders on a journey. His ability to shift between performance and relaxed modes was a standout for me.

We finished day two with another topic under our belts and plenty more knowledge. I know that all the leaders were happy with this session and can't wait to get back in October for our second to last retreat.