#8 Be. Leaders show Kiwi kids how to Dare Dream Be

Several current and past Be. Leadership participants joined with the Sir Peter Black Trust in sharing this year’s Leadership Week theme, Dare Dream Do. According to the Trust's website , the 2013 Dream Team inspired over 10,000 young Kiwis all across New Zealand on Tuesday 9 July.

Anna presentingAnna Nelson visited Wakaaranga School in Farm Cove, speaking to a group of 7-10 year-old class room monitors and school reps. "They had come prepared with really great leadership questions," said Anna.

"Questions like, 'What do you do in conflict and confrontation?', 'What are leadership qualities?' 'How do you inspire others?' 'Is it hard to be a leader?' 'Does your disability influence your leadership?' and 'How do you know you’re a leader?"

The group then told her about some of the environmental projects they were leading in their classes. "They were so excited and pleased to be sharing what they were doing."

Annie Inwood at Sancta Maria Primary School.Annie Inwood visited Sancta Maria Primary School. Annie spoke to 58 ten and 11 year-olds, sharing one of her own dreams from when she was about their age. "My mother was born in 1930," she recounted, "and at the age of 26 she sailed with a group of friends to the UK and Europe, travelling all over the place."

"Growing up I loved to look at her photo album and dreamed of travelling the world myself."

This led Annie on a trip to Asia, spending six months travelling by motorbike in India, Pakistan and Nepal. "I worked in India as a Tour Leader for two and a half years and later travelled around the world marketing international education for the University of Auckland."

John Marrable told Otago Girls High School how he came to use in a wheelchair and become the first person with paraplegia in NZ to get his open water diver ticket, do a marathon and get his black belt in karate.

Sharon Davies at Kelston Deaf Education CentreSonia Pivac reminded students of the possibility of doing things that people say aren't possible. She was joined by Shaz Davies at Kelston Deaf Education Centre. Shaz said, "To be a leader, it's important to take people with you, be kind and most importantly be true to yourself and if you want to see change, you need to be part of the process…boots and all!"

Prudence Walker visited Ilam School and talked about how leadership is not about being Prime Minister or being on TV. "It's taking a lead in you own life and what you believe in," she said. "Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do or be – believe in yourself and your future and persue what you want."

Prudence Walker at Ilam SchoolAs Prudence said, Sir Peter Blake took a long time to make his dream come true, but he persisted. "We all dream and we don't always get there – but it’s up to us not others. Be true to yourself. Leadership is what you make it."





The Sir Peter Blake Trust formed the Dream Team in 2012 with a daring dream to inspire at least 3000 kiwi kids in one hour during Leadership Week. After more than 230 leaders volunteered, we far surpassed our target – inspiring 10,000 young New Zealanders.

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