#5 Be. Leadership - September 2nd and 3rd

With excited anticipation, 19 participants and supporters along with the Be. Accessible Team entered Jet Park Hotel in Mangere, Auckland, our preferred conference facility.

Our first of four speakers, commanding presence, set the tone for what began as an extraordinary 2 days of intense presentations. The Minister of Disabilities, The Hon. Minister Turia, responded to the welcome with her softly spoken and powerful energy. Her dynamic and generous opening speech offered us several tools to present positively when framing a question to any government department. This diminutive woman spoke of strong self belief and values, to educate us with her experience of how to influence with a positive outcome.

Trish Green our next speaker showed similar passion and purpose to understand timing and the need to be well researched. Her valuable experience of the reframing of attitude toward domestic violence added to our social change direction.

Thanks to the Be. Brand, at the end of our first day, we settled into a beautiful dinner discussing our reflections of our exceptional speakers. The challenges they offered us were wonderfully creative.

Saturday morning sparked a full and final day by Colin James, the political analyst and journalist. A humble and intelligent person, he was succinct with his stories of political history. His determination to understand the theory of treating the environment as infrastructure that requires maintenance and therefore should return the investment of this asset was profound. He extrapolated this thesis to include our people. With extraordinary knowledge of past political change bought interesting stories of influential leaders such as Norman Kirk, Helen Clark and Robert Muldoon.

A sense of theatre, introduced our final speaker , the former cultural Director to the USA Embassy for over nine years, Richard Benge. He shared from his diplomatic perspective, how NZ is seen as leaders in the Pacific region. Identified as green and clean, our country offers robust institutions supporting a stable government. His explanation of a positive relationship between America and NZ, investigated from the 9 -11 New York tragedy  made way to receive Hilary Clinton, during a ceremony celebrating the US Marines in the South Pacific during WWII.

Closure to another fantastic session of learning brought hugs and farewells from all who were privileged to attend this seminar on Government, governance and lobbying. We all look forward to our next module at the end of September / October.

The Be. Leadership programme is in the final stage and will be expected to perform. From an opportunity comes an obligation as we discussed during this forum. It is now a call to action for the last quarter of this amazing, provocative programme. We are extended to excel to our personal best with the investment from the Be. Accessible brand.