Be. Leadership June 2016: Global Citizenship

by Maree Welgus

Day One

Our fourth session involved discussions around looking at the 'Big Picture', our own engagement and not being afraid to fail. Don’t blame – take action and when needed reframe your thinking. The overall weekend also looked into commitment – what will I commit to and what will I be accountable for?

We began with our new syndicates – Enigma-piphany, Four Square and The Fab Five – back where our Be. Leadership Journey began over four months ago – Sudima Auckland Airport. Unfortunately, there was one pretty face missing on the first day thanks to fog in Dunedin. However, Sarah was able to join us late that evening.

Speaker One – Anna Stove, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline NZ

Anna spoke of engagement being a major factor in Global Citizenship. She shared with us her holistic approach to leadership and knowing the staff beyond their role. Having worked in global companies, both large (100K plus staff) and smaller (3,500), Anna could relate to us that, although at times decisions could be made quicker in smaller companies, her drive to enable engagement in the large sector contributed to change. Remember, Anna’s calendar includes many 'remarkable' times.

Speaker Two – Major Campbell Roberts, Director of Salvation Army Social Services.

Global Citizenship to Campbell is contributing, listening and engaging. We need to engage internationally with social needs and issues. On a global scale New Zealand is unknown unless you are referring to the All Blacks. He then posed the question, 'how would you like to see New Zealand on the world stage?' This allowed us to ponder over our ideals and he also expounded that we need to put successes in perspective. His main drivers as a leader are to compete, to be an influencer and, most or all, to be himself.

We all agreed the calibre of speakers was amazing and we were so fortunate to have the opportunity to engage in intimate conversations and Q&A's assisting us in our leadership journey.

It was a pleasure to have Kylie and Adrian share with us an overview of the Be. Welcome Programme. This programme enables businesses to access and cater to the customer market making the world more accessible whilst adding value to businesses. Kylie and Adrian challenged us to introduce Be. Welcome to one business / organisation in 2016.

Day Two

Day two entailed a New Conversations Workshop which allowed us to have conversations between ourselves reflecting on the world, self image, beliefs, persona

and opinions – what is congruent and what is authentic? Sarah was punching her inner voices in the throat with gusto!!!!

To. Be. Me. was screened during the day and I, amongst many, had tears in my eyes. These tears were ones of great admiration for Minnie and her continued mission. The movement has achieved so much in five years, a true testament to one woman’s vision. We again were given another challenge to host a 'To Be Me' session.

In the afternoon Jase, Jon, Kim, Red, Sarah and I shared 'Our Journey'. It was very comforting to reflect on aspects of our lives with such special people. Red’s love of Kanye’s music will not be forgotten (forgive me Red if I have got the wrong rapper lol)

Day Three

Speaker One - Andy Hamilton, CEO of The Icehouse

Andy views the Big Picture with integrity knowing that you are in the present tense creating a vision that may take years to achieve. You need to know where you are and where you are going. The journey in between can be mapped out but be prepared to reframe your thinking with changing environments.

Speaker Two – Qiujing Wong, Chief Executive of Borderless Productions

I had the pleasure of being Q's host and, wow, from the minute we met I felt an aura of loveliness. Q views Global Citizenship as a choice – a way of thinking, to be deeply self aware and interdependent. She mentioned in leadership you need to back yourself as it’s easy to diminish actions. Again the Big Picture view was evident with Q and her continued work on Borderless' project "On the Backs of Woman". Profit from this project injected into a social change via micro-finance for entrepreneurial impoverished women in Myanmar. Q told us to back ourselves and lead with enthusiasm!

Overall active Global Citizenship involves engagement and taking action – it is a choice. W H Murray ended one of his famous quotes with "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!"

Please excuse my bias, but Sudima Auckland Airport catered to our every need during the weekend. Lesley and Philip, you continue to inspire (Lesley, I actually like the word) me and although only midway through the programme I can honesty say my life has changed through your teachings. I am very proud to be part of Be.

See you all in the Garden City next month!