Access Groups

A truly accessible business must enable all people to access the products and services that they offer, and the Be. Welcome assessment is a holistic checklist that aims to cover a wide range of access needs.

The results of the Be. Welcome Assessment are presented in each of the following categories so that access customers can see the features that the business or organisation provides to create a positive accessible experience that is right for them.

  1. Mobility: people with physical impairments or who have specific requirements as to their mobility
  2. Vision: people who are vision impaired or have difficulty reading small print
  3. Hearing: people who are Deaf or have trouble hearing in noisy places
  4. Parents: people who may be carrying young children or have to manoeuvre a stroller.
  5. Learning & Intellectual: includes those who find it difficult to read and understand information. This may be someone with a learning or intellectual impairment, or someone for whom English is not their first language.