I Sushi & Yakitori

Be. Welcome Lite Self Assessment

Be. Welcome Lite self assessment results

Self Assessed

The following questions have been answered by the business owner using our Be. Welcome Lite self-assessment online tool on 24 May 2018.

NB: This business has not been assessed by an accredited Be. Coach.

Finding Out - How people find out about your business and services


1) Our website has good contrasting colours like 'black on white' or 'black on yellow' for all its content. We do not have a website

2) Our website offers information about our accessibility features and services (e.g. Accessible parking, accessible bathrooms, large print/braille menu, high-chair/booster seat). We do not have a website

Bigger is better

3) Our price lists, price tags and menus are all written in easy to read text (large font) where applicable. Yes

Getting There - How do your customers access your business?

A foot (or wheel) in the door!

4) Our front entrance is easy to find and has clear visible signage. Yes

5) All people can easily enter our front entrance including parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users and someone using crutches or a cane. No

Getting Around - Experiencing your services

Space to move

6) There is enough space for all people to get around and use our services including parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users and someone using crutches. Yes

Providing for Families

7) Family friendly facilities available are:

- A space that could accommodate a breastfeeding mum.
- Healthy kids menu.
- High chair or booster seat for kids

Customer Service

8) Our staff ensure all customers feel welcomed and valued when they visit or interact with our business. Yes

9) Our staff are aware of the accessible features and services that we offer. Yes

Getting Out Safely

A Safe Exit

10) We have processes in place and clear signage to notify the access customer how to get out safely. Yes

11) Our staff are aware/have received training on how to get the access customer out safely. Yes

Additional Information the business would like you to know:

Mobile eft pos. Bilingual staff. I