#13 Seeflow NZSL Translation Service

Be. is extremely pleased to share an exciting new accessibility innovation with you!

March sees the launch of a world-first service for the Deaf community here in New Zealand. Seeflow enables Deaf and hearing people to easily submit material securely online, for translation between NZSL and written English. The service will empower Deaf people to be more independent, assist with employment and promotion at work, as well as being an easy mechanism for providing full access to correspondence and information for the Deaf Community from a variety of organisations and public sources.

An immediate and exciting opportunity that has arisen out of this new service is the ability submit a submission to the Human Rights Commission in NZSL via Seeflow as of 1 March 2012 (regarding the The Wider Journey – submissions end 30 March 2012). This sets a whole new benchmark for broader access to the democratic process for all people.

Here at Be. we were lucky enough to experience this great new innovation first-hand as the Seeflow team worked with us to bring you the February newsletter in NZSL.  We certainly recommend it to all businesses and individuals who have ever thought they'd like to translate between written English and NZSL, and to Government departments to meet their obligations under the NZSL Act. 

Seeflow - we salute you for the Change!

Click here to go to the Seeflow website.

Click here to view the Be. Accessible February Newsletter in NZSL thanks to Seeflow!