#14 Be. at IncrediblEdge

In the increasingly fast-paced rhythm of life, it is sometimes important to take a step back and reflect on some of the incredible innovations that are happening, as well as question what we can do better in the world around us.

Our very own minnie b. was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to speak at the IncrediblEdge summit, happening over two days this week in Auckland. The summit brings together a very diverse group of leaders from fields ranging from innovation and design to economics, science and journalism.

IncrediblEdge organiser and thought leader, Jillian de Beer, believes that 'the most creative breakthroughs of the past have all been the product of a particular social environment, in which thinkers, entrepreneurs, scientists and artists have stimulated and supported one another to reach new heights' so IncrediblEdge provides this space for people to 'think big' and to innovate collectively.

For Be. to be able to be present in such an exciting and inspiring space, is an invaluable experience. We are able to bring the consideration of accessibility into the realm of innovation, so that in the future, scientists, artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs are thinking accessibility in everything that they do.

Minnie presenting at IncrediblEdge

Minnie presenting at the IncrediblEdge summit on Monday 5 March