#15 I see, you see, we all see art

How often have you thought about how a visually impaired person might enjoy the sensations, expressions, and intimate feelings of a piece of art?


Roy Nachum has taken visual impairment as an inspiration for his latest exhibit, BLIND, which combines oil paintings with braille signage. In an exploration of creating 100% accessible art, Nachum has incorporated his own poems which inspire the artwork into each of his exquisite paintings.Those without visual impairments are left wondering what the braille says, and are therefore challenged to consider the limitations of their vision.

Be. celebrates Nachum's thoughtful and moving exhibition, as it reminds us that accessibility can bring a whole new world of possibilities and innovation. By considering how objects and environments can be accessed and enjoyed by all, we are forced to expand the borders of our imagination and create new, multi-faceted methods of experiencing the world.

Thanks to Concrete Playground NZ for profiling this wonderful exhibition - now we just need to make it accessible to New Zealanders by bringing it down here!

Click here to watch a video about Roy Nachum's exhibition

Roy Nachum1