#20 IMPORTANT: Change to Give Way Rule

This Sunday 25 March at 5am, two of New Zealand's give way rules are changing.

The NZTA has done a great job in providing accessible information about these changes in give way rules by providing resources in sign language for those who are deaf and large print for people with vision impairments.

Please take a moment to look through the resources here and familiarise yourself with the new rules.

Even as a pedestrian or cyclist, it is important to be aware of the give way rule changes, as vehicles turning left into side streets will now have the right of way and may therefore be less likely to hesitate to check for pedestrians waiting to cross the road or for a cyclist coming up on their inside left.

Rules to remember:

1. When turning right, give way: 

When turning right, always give way When turning right, always give way








2. Top of the 'T' goes before me

Top of the T goes before me 

Make sure all your colleagues, friends and family are aware of this change, and take care on the roads for the next few weeks.

Be patient and considerate so that our roads are accessible to all drivers!