#35 US closer to ratifying the UNCRPD

The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee have voted 13-6 in favour of advancing a resolution that would ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The United States signed the treaty in 2009 but it is yet to be ratified by the Senate, at which point the nation would be officially bound by the provisions of the treaty. It is hoped that ratification will occur later this year, and there appears to be good bipartisan support for it.

Read the full treaty here.

On the same day, President Barack Obama recognised the 22nd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act:

"As we mark this milestone and reflect on the barriers that remain, we also pay tribute to the courageous individuals and communities who have made progress possible. Because so many advocates understood injustice from the depths of their own experience, they also knew that by allowing injustice to stand, we were depriving our Nation and our economy of the full talents and contributions of tens of millions of Americans with disabilities. Today, those Americans are leaders not only in every field and throughout every part of our national life, but also in the journey to bring the American dream within reach for our next generation. On this anniversary of the ADA, we celebrate the contributions Americans with disabilities have made to our Nation, and we rededicate ourselves to empowering every individual with those most American principles of equal access and equal opportunity."