#40 Aimee Mullins for L'Oreal Paris

screengrab of Aimee on the ad, and also with her prosthetic legsAimee Mullins radiates the true essence of beauty, but it is not her dewy skin and striking eyes that stop you in your tracks in awe. It's her genuine confidence and early-understanding that "what makes a woman beautiful is not what makes them the same as everyone else, but what sets them apart."

And Aimee's prosthetic shins are just that. In the same way that L'Oreal Paris chose Beyonce to be an ambassador with her olive skin and frizzy hair and Eva Longoria with her shorter stature, they chose Aimee with her elegant legs. These women are ambassadors because they understand that their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful; a fitting message for the 'True Match' make up that they're advertising with dozens of shades to match your unique look. Clever.

However all this isn't to discount the significance of what it means to have role models like Aimee as part of mainstream campaigns like this one by L'Oreal Paris. Seeing a physically impaired person on television commercials, while we sit there with our dinners watching the news is a welcome new occurrence. It seems to still be a rare sight to have people with disabilities as part of mass marketing, and the way that L'Oreal have done it is spot on.

As Aimee says, "Things that I'm celebrated for, whether it's from sports, or fashion, haven't been 'in spite of', they've been 'because of' what I've learned and have experienced as a woman living with two prosthetic legs."

"We don't need to fit in to someone else's idea of what beauty is. Decide for yourself, and invent the version of yourself that you want to see on that day."

Watch this video to meet Aimee Mullins and see the ad

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Nice one L'Oreal Paris, Be. the Change!