#41 Living, Accessible Libraries

On Monday Be. was invited to be part of the Lunchtime Living Library with Auckland Libraries at the NZ Diversity Forum, and what a great experience! We had never heard of a living library before, but essentially you get to ‘check out’ a living book, i.e. a person, for 7 minutes and learn their story, face-to-face.

So Minnie went along and put her name up there as a living book, along with her ‘book synopsis’ made up of three words –, transformation, and colour!

And over the lunch break at the NZ Diversity Forum, people were invited to read Minnie’s book and find out her story… which reminds us a bit of a story she told us at the Be. the Possability 2012 Celebration.

As a young woman, Minnie studied at Victoria University. Two years before that she had been told that she had a sight condition that meant that she couldn’t see the standard print in a book, an interesting predicament for someone studying literature! However, her mother believed in what was possible, and narrated every book that she had to read, taping them onto cassettes for her daughter.

Today, we can download any book, a story out of the ether, off the Internet, our iPhones even. This really just shows that anything is truly possible.

Whether a story is read from the pieces of paper in a book, or listened to, read out loud in a classroom, or told to us by the storyteller themselves in person, the important thing is that the stories are accessible to everyone.

Thanks to Auckland Libraries for bringing this lovely dose of human interaction into our day.