#45 Don't Postpone Joy

Profile picture of Pete Taylor sitting on a yellow chairBe. Leadership alumnus Pete Taylor was one of the most vibrant and positive people on the programme in 2011, and here at Be. we are extremely excited to read his book, 'Don't Postpone Joy' which has recently been republished.

Peter says, "However you view my life by the end of this book, you are certainly not likely to use the word 'mediocre'. I stomp on mediocrity with a pair of riding boots caked in horse sweat, and I plan to go out that way too."

Don't Postpone Joy tells the amazing story of Peter Taylors Life, from a childhood dominated by his parents' unhappiness to success as a chef and co-founder of Aucklands ground breaking Le Brie restaurant, international equestrian, exuberant host at Surrender Dorothy bar, medical marvel and unrivalled motivator.

It is a story of heart-breaking sadness, unwavering determination, immense sacrifice and - perhaps more than any of these - humour and great joy. Moving between rural New Zealand and the riding circuits of Europe, small towns of the American South and the mean streets of Sydney, this book offers inspirational insights into a man who embraces life full-on and never backs away.

It leaves the reader in no doubt about the worth of Taylors twin mottoes: "to thine own self be true" and Don't Postpone Joy.

Purchase the book on Amazon here, in hard copy or for your Kindle.