#5 Captions in the Sky

What do Dora the Explorer, Mark Sainsbury and Simon Cowell all have in common?

Their educational, insightful, and entertaining words will now be available to around 700,000 more people in New Zealand who are deaf or hearing impaired.

While many of us take for granted the ability to sit down and watch our favourite television characters explore the tasty delights of South East Asia, have their hearts broken and learn how to count to 10, 1 in 6 New Zealanders are left wondering if Chris Warner said "Will you marry me?" or "I'm leaving you".  Although that could also be due to the reputations of certain TV characters.

But let there be certainty in drama television once more! Closed captioning on 13 of Sky TV's most popular channels will allow those who are deaf or hearing impaired to watch their favourite programs with more ease.  Although captioning was previously available on teletext, it's great that a large corporation such as Sky TV is seeing the benefit to individuals and the community of being a more accessible organisation.

The next step is possibly to have New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) screened alongside all television shows for those who use it as their primary language and for whom written English is not their preferred choice of communication.

Well done Sky TV - Be. the Change!