#54 AUT is NZ's first Be. Accessible Event

AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards logo with the Bronze Be. Welcome stickerThe AUT Business School has embraced the Be. Accessible social change movement and we are proud to announce that this year's Excellence in Business Support Awards is the first event in New Zealand, and the world, to undergo a Be. Welcome Accessibility Assessment.

With their Bronze rating, they have created an event that is as accessible as possible for their guests!

Be. Accessible congratulates the AUT Business School for embarking on this journey and are proud to have them as our very first Be. Accessible rated event.

Some of the key features of the event which have given them accessibility kudos are:

  1. Invitations used clear English language and included key information via email and on the Business School website for guests to access easily.
  2. A confirmation email was sent to all RSVP'd guests to identify any accessibility needs.
  3. Since engaging with Be. Accessible, the Business School has ensured that all communications have been created in 12 pt font, avoiding any capitalised text.
  4. Innovative tickets were printed in clear colour contrast at 12 pt font or larger, as well as being embossed with Braille for those guests who require it.
  5. Choosing to host their event at the Langham has meant that many of the accessibility options on arrival are taken care of, e.g. valet parking at no cost for mobility vehicles and an accessible front entrance.
  6. The accessibility features of the Langham were shared with guests prior to the event.
  7. A sign language interpreter will be available at the event.
  8. There will be sufficient voice-overs to ensure that screen visuals are accessible to guests who are blind or have low vision.
  9. The event programme is available in a variety of formats, e.g. hard and soft copies as Word docs or PDFs on request, as well as featuring a welcome message in Braille.
  10. All staff employed to work at the event are well-informed and proactive, and have been briefed by Be. Accessible and the AUT business school on how to cater to the registered guests with access needs.

There are many more features of the event that make up the Be. Welcome Accessibility Report, but this gives you an idea of some of the things that any event organiser can do, to make their event accessible. By working with our team, you too can create a Be. Accessible accredited event!

Get in touch with us today if you would like to create an accessible event with Be.