#65 Serving you better

What works well on the Be. Accessible website and what can we do better? We asked nine access customers these questions in a focus group session on Wednesday and they gave us some wonderfully insightful feedback.

Our fabulous volunteers gathered around the whiteboard with Be. Accessible Master Coach Tony Howe and Be. Welcome National Co-ordinator Kylie Shirtliff to identify ways we can make our Be. Welcome profiles of New Zealand businesses even more useful and accessible.

With a range of access needs and a variety of experiences in using the Be. Accessible website, the group had plenty of feedback and ideas to share. The website’s overall look and feel, being able to search Be. Welcome listings by access group, the Auckland CBD accessibility map, and the site’s audio visual elements were some of the features to get the thumbs up.

Among suggestions for improvements and additions were enabling community tagging of Be. Welcome listings, giving users the opportunity to post feedback, including more photos, and refining how access information is displayed.

Kylie says having the opportunity to sit down with the volunteers and hear their views was invaluable. “A big part of my role as Be. Welcome National Co-ordinator is engaging with businesses, so it was really helpful for me to bring it back to the access customer and their needs.”

Huge thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to help us make our website the best it can Be!

We welcome your feedback on our website and Be. Welcome business profiles. Share what works for you and what doesn’t by emailing us at or call Be. Accessible on 0800 234 686.