#68 The Power of Networks

Making local connections was a highlight of our national Be. Welcome co-ordinator’s road trip.

Kylie is now back in the office after flying the Be. Welcome flag around the country and she’s buzzing about the connections she made along the way. In Queenstown, Fiona McArthur opened doors by introducing Kylie around town. A long-time local with a background in tourism, Fiona shared her own networks, enabling Kylie to spread the word about the Be. Welcome programme. Fiona, who initially contacted Be. to see how she could get involved, is now training as a Be. Coach.

At a Rotary Club breakfast in Christchurch, an attendee offered to put Kylie in touch with his contacts – and so Be. is now linking up with his networks. This kind of support is invaluable as we work together to create a 100% accessible New Zealand.

Kylie also connected with a diverse range of businesses in Christchurch and was struck by how many have already seized the initiative in terms of improving access for everyone. “A lot of businesses are already doing great things around accessibility,” she says. “Be. Welcome provides them with an opportunity to promote what they are already doing and to build on that.”

A wonderful example of this is Dux Dine, a restaurant which was already on the accessibility journey before joining Be. Welcome. Kylie and Be. Coach Derek Woodward, who assessed the business, were thrilled to award Dux Dine a Silver rating during Kylie’s visit.

Thanks to every individual, group, business and organisation who connected with Kylie and opened doors during her trip. This is what working together is all about!