#78 Cruising, Access Tourists and the Yellow Dollar

New Zealand is in the midst of another beautiful summer, and as the warm months roll on, those in our largest cities will be noticing an increase in cruise ships visiting our shores.

In Wellington, this season is anticipated to be the biggest and longest ever with an estimated 78 cruise ships, carrying 200,000 passengers and more than 75,000 crew, to come in to harbour. 

Of those traveling to our shores, we estimate that around 20% (40,000 people) will be access tourists. This highlights the need for Wellington's businesses to be accessible for all. Businesses that offer a great accessible experience stand to earn a good deal, particularly those cafes, retail and souvenir shops within walking distance of the port.

On average, when docked, passengers that head into town to see the sights will spend $100. With all those visitors wandering about, the cruises are expected to contribute around $311m to the New Zealand economy.

Attracting the Yellow Dollar

Be. Accessible has coined the term, the "yellow dollar", - a measure and indicator of the positive economic benefits that are enjoyed by everyone connected to good accessibility. Customers are able to spend easily, businesses earn more, and economies are healthier leading to greater wellbeing for all.

Often, the best way to attract the yellow dollar to your business is simply to make information about the accessible features of your business available, but often businesses aren't fully aware of what those features are. Access customers are a varied group and can include everyone who is Deaf or has difficulty hearing in noisy spaces, to those who are blind, or those who use wheelchairs and even parents using a stroller or tourists who speak another language.

What better time to improve your business' accessibility?

For small businesses like cafes, restaurants and retail shops, we’ve developed Be. Welcome Lite - a great tool to help you figure out how accessible your business is.

Be. Welcome Lite is a quick and easy self-assessment that gives you the accessible features of your business and tips on how to improve those that aren’t so accessible. Businesses who do the self-assessment will be listed on the Be. Accessible directory that will make businesses visible to 800,000 New Zealanders with access needs and those cruise passengers looking for access savvy businesses to visit.

Until the end of March, we’re offering Be. Welcome Lite for free (usually $49) – so get in quick!