#80 Simple, useful and free - the new accessibility tool for small business!

Since Be. Accessible launched the very simple, easy, free self-assessment tool for small businesses late last year, there has been a flurry of interest in accessibility.

Be. Welcome Lite is the easiest way for a small business, whether a cafe, restaurant, office based business or retailer, to dip their toes into accessibility and learn a few things along the way.

Here's how Be. Welcome Lite can help your business:

1. You could be increasing your customer base by 20%

By thinking about how to optimize the accessibility of your business, you're actually thinking of ways to increase your potential customer base. Being able to get in the front door easily, having the option of a larger print menu or just having great friendly service, can be the very reasons a customer keeps coming back.

2. Accessibility is future proofing your business

We all experience some level of access requirement during our lifetime – and the longer we live, the more frequently we'll experience it. Factoring in access features into your business means that as the years go by, your customers will be able to keep coming back, no matter what their age or access need.

3. It's really quick and easy

The Be. Welcome Lite self-assessment is designed to be really easy to use and take no more than 15 minutes to complete. We created it that way so there really couldn't be any excuses not to try it out.

4. It's FREE

Doing business isn't always easy or cheap, so we wanted to make sure there was no reason for a business not to have this chance to improve. We've made Be. Welcome Lite totally free (valued at $49 per annum).

5. Meet 800,000 new potential customers

When your self-assessment is complete, your business profile is published on the Be. Accessible online directory of accessible businesses. That makes your business's access features readily available to the 800,000 access citizens in New Zealand.

Not already convinced?

Then check out this short video that demonstrates how easy it really is.

Be. Welcome Lite