#81 That fabulous moment when...

Everywhere around us there are lots of moments of great accessibility that often go unmentioned and uncelebrated - those everyday, insignificant actions taken by an individual or business to improve accessibility that can brighten your whole day.

Introducing #BeMoment

Armed with the knowledge that there's lots of great, simple moments of accessibility going unreported, and that our community are the best equipped to spot them, we created the #BeMoment page, a place where you can post your outstanding moments of great accessibility.

Why the #?

The Be. Accessible community is a hugely diverse group, so we wanted to make sure that we made it as easy and engaging as possible for our whole community to share their #BeMoment.

The hashtag means that if you prefer to use a social media channel like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can. Just remember to include #BeMoment and we will still be able to search to see all the great stories. It also means that your friends might see it and participate too, moving the idea forward and making accessibility top of mind for more people.

Sharing these stories is important

We know that at a high level the dials of accessibility in New Zealand are moving, but it can be tricky to see the progression of social change at the grass roots level.

Sharing your personal experiences helps us to see that there is a national conversation around accessibility happening.

It means that the work that organisations have done to improve their accessibility is being noticed and appreciated. The more this happens, the more organisations are likely to work towards being truly accessible.

Plus it's fun to share your #BeMoment and see who else has experience a #BeMoment similar to your own.

Experienced a great #BeMoment today? Head over to our #BeMoment page and let us know!