#82 Christchurch Airport winging their way to accessibility

Earlier this month Christchurch International Airport received a Gold Be. Welcome Rating for their recently upgraded terminal. Here are a few key reasons why we're so excited about Accessibility at the Christchurch International Airport.

Be. Welcome Gold Rating 

Millions of Accessibility opportunities

There are about 6000 people who work on the Christchurch Airport campus, either for the airport itself or for one of the many businesses that trade there.

That’s a lot of staff – which you'd need when you're receiving 5.5 million travelers. In fact, if you add up all the passengers, their farewellers and greeters, taxi drivers and courier deliverers, the Airport can clock up a little over 11 million visits a year. Resulting in millions of opportunities for people to experience great accessibility.

A Gateway to the South Island and the World

For the 1.2 million international passengers Christchurch airport serves a year, the terminal will be the first and/or last impression of their journey to the South Island and New Zealand. When those passengers experience great accessibility, they’re more likely to give good ratings on travel sites, positive feedback in travel blogs and actively recommend traveling to New Zealand.

Christchurch International Airport

A big part in the accessibility ecosystem of Christchurch

The Christchurch International Airport recognizes that they’re part of a wider conversation and ecosystem of accessibility. "We have an opportunity to create the newest city in the world, and so we should be driving towards a more accessible city for everyone", says Andy Lester, Chief Operating Office at Christchurch International Airport.

An organisation that really lives and breathes accessibility

They're an organisation that fully understands and embraces accessibility as a staple in their culture. “Accessibility for the Airport means that everyone who comes through our doors has the same opportunity to experience the airport and what it offers as everyone else does”. Though the economic benefits are obvious, it’s more than that. "Everybody is equal, that’s how we run our business," says Lester, "the social benefits alone are enormous".

That's why, when designing the new terminal, accessibility was a key success factor for them and their commitment to accessibility continues well after the Be. Welcome assessment is complete, with staff training continuing throughout.

If you’re thinking about visiting the South Island, or maybe heading overseas, check out the Christchurch International Airport's Be. Welcome report here before you begin your journey!