#83 Ryan and Lauren on shadowing Minnie b.

by Ryan and Lauren 

Ryan, Jake, Minnie b & Lauren in the Be. Office on shadow a leader day.Today we visited the Be. Institute offices and spent the day shadowing Minnie Baragwanath. The chance to talk to Minnie about her own life experiences, especially those as the founder and CEO of Be. Institute was invaluable. We learned about the different aspects of a start-up company and what is needed to sustain a business in the long run. It was really interesting to look at it from a social enterprise perspective as opposed to a solely commercially run business. We particularly enjoyed hearing about the steps taken and leadership shown by Minnie as she created a business so close to her heart. We are both inspired by the work the Be. Institute undertakes, particularly the Be. Accessible branch with their goal to bring about social change and make New Zealand the most accessible country in the world.

As an individual, Minnie is the epitome of a leader. The way she inspires her team and works collaboratively with her staff and the wider community is inspirational. We really appreciated the time Minnie took out of her day to answer our questions and the insight she gave us for our future life aspirations. We have both been inspired by Minnie to go out and achieve our goals and at the same time, help others around us.