Audio describing the Auckland Lantern Festival

16th February 2017
The swan lanterns at the Auckland Lantern FestivalWe’re delighted to see ATEED and the team from the Auckland Lantern Festival making this spectacular and iconic cultural experience as accessible as possible.
Alongside providing accessibility maps of the venue and useful information for access customers to plan their journey on the website they also provide an audio described tour of the lanterns. Audio described tours are an amazing and rich way of bringing the event to life for those who have visual impairments, and the team from Be. Accessible were excited to attend this event.
This year was the first time that a tour has been conducted at the Festival’s new location of the Auckland Domain. The tour took place on Thursday’s Lantern Appreciation night, as it is a quieter night, and easier for those taking part in the tour to hear and be fully immersed in the audio described experience.
Nicola Owen from Audio-described Aotearoa facilitated the tour, painting a vivid picture of the tones, textures and colours of the event, and Eric Ngan, festival organiser , added a depth of meaning to the experience by describing the history of the various exhibits, including cultural legends and folklore.
It’s exciting to see more and more organisations providing these tours. Be. will be working closely with ATEED and local bodies to enhance accessibility across events and more audio description supported events are planned across this year’s calendar. As technology advance to support the user experience we can look forward to even greater engagement opportunities.