#42 Compassion Triumphs Fear

Shaun McKinney, author of Be. Compassionate blogWhile I am a big advocate of being compassionate towards others I also recognize it can be hard sometimes. I understand that  we can be affected by fear and disgust at the things some people do to others. Naturally I was horrified by the Colorado shooting, and continue to be concerned at the shootings that have happened since. In another case I was quite disturbed by the lack of remorse and almost gleeful reaction from Anders Behring Breivik after being sentenced.

When these horrible events occur my immediate thoughts always go the victims and their loved ones. Obviously we need to show compassion towards these people during such shocking and grief stricken times. I wish that I could take their pain and suffering away.

Sign which reads what the world needs is a big group hugInevitably the authorities, media and the world move onto the wheres, whens, who's and hows. I want to focus on the who's, the persons who commit the horrific crimes. There is understandably much fear and anger towards the perpetrators. I do however think it can be useful to step back from judgement and to dig deep down and find some compassion even for them.  Imagine being full of fear and hate like Mr Breivik, those feelings have never made me feel happy.

If you can show compassion to the most destructive then you can show unending compassion to those who suffer the most.