Be. Accessible- a year of growth and transition

2016 is nearly over, and what a year it has been! We have been delighted to welcome back our Chief Executive Minnie Baragwanath. It is fantastic to have Minnie's passion, energy and lovely self, continuing to grow Be.'s vision. It has been a year of real growth and transition for us. After celebrating 5 years of Be. Accessible earlier this year we are delighted as we stand back and observe our four programmes- Be. Welcome, Be. Employed, Be. Leadership and Be. Campaign- we notice that there is a real momentum gaining, as our programmes achieve a maturity and life of their own.

Last month we relocated to spacious new premises in Grey Lynn, and at the same time we also welcomed new members to our team, including a new role of General Manager. This role was created in part due to the expansion of Be. Accessible, to allow us to work more broadly and deeply throughout New Zealand. It has also been created to support our Chief Executive to continue to grow Be.'s vision, reach, and to expand our connection with other committed fabulous New Zealanders who are striving for a fully accessible New Zealand.

We are excited to announce Megan Barclay has been appointed as our new General Manager. Megan started with us in the very beginning as the Director of the Be. Welcome Programme. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge about creating effective and meaningful strategies for the future success of the Be. Institute. Megan's vibrant and go-getter attitude makes her perfect for driving the Be. Accessible mission! Prior to joining the Be. Team Megan was the Executive Director at Leadership New Zealand, along with having 20 years working in corporate leadership in the private sector.

A natural successor to the role of Be. Welcome Programme Manager was Neville Pullman who began working with the Be. Welcome team as a business development consultant in September last year. Prior to joining the team Neville was Managing Director of a national field marketing business that specialised in improving the customer journey and experience across a wide group of channel partners. Neville has over 20 years of senior leadership experience and relationship development and is also currently on the Board of Leadership New Zealand.

We are excited about the injection of energy and expertise into an already terrific team of committed individuals. The additional resource will strengthen our ability to embrace the challenges of a new year, in the quest to achieve a 100% accessible New Zealand.