Be. Confident proves a game-changer

Be. ConfidentAccessibility isn't always about the built environment. Organizational culture and customer service is also a key aspect of accessibility. So our Be. Confident workshops are all about culture. The goal for us here is to assist you and your team to discover the wonderful opportunities that come from understanding, planning and catering for the needs of all your customers.

In 2017, our partners Cogo Consulting conducted an independent survey about accessibility in New Zealand. We found out that 47% of access citizens see warm and welcoming customer service is a key enabler to participating in activities, second only to an accessible physical environment. A Be. Confident is a two-hour interactive and tailor-made workshop run by our skilled coaches. We support organisational teams to explore their understanding of accessibility, and build confidence in delivering across the social, environmental, economic, and cultural opportunities in embracing accessibility.

Phillipa Gimmillaro, Director of Talent & Culture at Sudima Hotels says the impact of these workshops have been a huge value to her nationwide team. "Our relationship with Be. Accessible is one we really value and the Be. Confident training reinforces our culture of diversity and inclusion. The sessions enable our team to really think about obstacles and barriers guests and colleagues face and consider how we can work together to offer a truly inclusive service and workplace."

Terri Green, Site Supervisor at Auckland Breast Centre highly recommends it! "Do it! As well as opening everyone’s eyes, it's a good team builder. It's made what we already have as a positive environment even more positive, making people feel comfortable looking after people. Everyone is on the same page it has made us feel proud."