Bringing together the research- the Blind Foundation's Accessibility Research Coalition

28th July 2016

Last month the Blind Foundation hosted a research forum considering "Why Accessibility Matters". Bringing together different groups, organisations and individuals, the Blind Foundation invited them to take part in a collaborative approach to Accessibility research.

This month their vision of hosting an ongoing coalition of accessibility research came to fruition. We asked Dianne Rogers from the Blind Foundation to tell us a bit about the next steps for the group. Here's what she had to say:

There was a great turn out at the first meeting of the Coalition on Accessibility Research hosted by the Blind Foundation on 21st July. A diverse range of interests were represented with service providers, academia, Council and many other organisations and individuals present.

This first meeting was to develop and consolidate access research priorities already previously discussed, and look forward to a collaborative process of research on Accessibility in the future.

It was fantastic to see that there was lots of good will in the room, and offers of sharing resources, and it was agreed that the group would come together for planning sessions on a monthly basis.

It's fantastic to see such a positive start, and we look forward to seeing the outcomes of this collaboration!