Cate Grace’s mission to navigate accessible well-being

Cate Grace with a group of 3 other womenFor Cate Grace, the personal training industry may seem like an unlikely one by some, but the numerous awards and accolades show this is exactly the place for her. This sense of courage was strengthened by her participation in the Be. Leadership programme in 2014.

Following the 2010 Christchurch earthquake, Cate founded Grace Training Ltd (formally RCG Group), a multifaceted social enterprise that works with people who struggle to access the health and wellness industry and support them in a holistic and collaborative approach.

Grace Training takes an individualised 'navigation' approach to health and wellbeing, by firstly fully taking time to understand the person and then designing a wellness plan based on their dreams, goals and lifestyle. "We support people to make better choices in their life. We do that to help them discover and share their good news."

Cate told the story of an older gentleman for whom English was a second language and had never moved before. From the skills she learnt from Be, she navigated her approach by understanding his needs. "What I learnt from him is that everyone has a story and now he’s fit and healthy".

Be's approach to accessibility drew her to apply for the leadership programme. She felt it would be a great space to be around like-minds while also being pushed out of her comfort zone.

"I am predominantly on crutches and a curvy size 16, so it is a pretty unlikely industry to fall into … Because I was in such an unlikely industry and facing a lot of adversity, I was really drawn to what Be had done in 2011 around removing the barriers for the Rugby World Cup".

"It was everything I didn't need when I needed it. It was confronting and uncomfortable, and these are both now terms that I embrace and pass on to my staff and people that we work with".

Cate's journey was about self-discovery and becoming rounded, authentic and less stressed about being a leader. "I wasn't at peace with who I was. This changed".