Celebrating Terrific Talent

3rd November 2016

Lesley Slade with Be. Intern Emily Inglis, Philip Patston and Chris JonesAt the end of October, the Be. Employed Team hosted an evening of celebration for the Be. Employed Interns who have completed an Internship within the last 12 months. It was a great opportunity to celebrate their achievement, and also to acknowledge the wonderful employers who have facilitated placements and supported the interns throughout their journey.

It was an absolute pleasure to talk with these talented young professionals and hear about their experiences, and to celebrate their successes with them.

Something we are excited to observe is the way in which the Internship programme paves the way to permanent employment for our interns.  This month we speak with one of these accomplished young interns, Emily Inglis, who has gone on from her Be. Employed Internship to find permanent employment.
Emily’s Internship was as a Production Assistant at Borderless Productions while completing her Bachelor of Business (Marketing Major).  She has joined the National Business Review in a permanent capacity this year.
We asked Emily a few questions about how the Internship developed her skills, and prepared her for her permanent role.
What did you learn and what did you notice that changed in you during your 16-week internship?

The internship reinforced for me the importance of effective and clear communication both internally with colleagues and externally with both clients and suppliers. As the internship went on I became more proactive about doing this, particularly as my confidence grew. My increased confidence in communicating effectively with others definitely helped build my relationships with both clients and suppliers.
What of your strengths did you develop in the role that you were in for your Be. Employed Internship?

Again, the importance of communication. Keeping everyone informed throughout the journey and definitely not being afraid to ask too many questions or to send that additional email. In my recently acquired advertising coordinator role, I have definitely made the most of asking questions and as a result I am growing the respect of the advertising sales team, the trust of my managers and establishing strong relationships and a reputation for dependability from our clients.
From your point of view, what unique qualities do you bring to a role as a result of your access need?

I bring the ability to be methodical and to plan out a specific "plan of attack" regardless of the task.
From your point of view, how was the internship experience valuable when going into your current role?

My internship definitely raised my confidence levels. Although the industries differ slightly, I have been able to build on my relationship management skills which has helped me to develop the best possible relationships I can with every colleague, supplier and client I deal with.

Also the technology-based knowledge and skills I acquired during my internship made it a lot easier for me to become proficient in the different software that I need to use at NBR in order to do all my three roles successfully.

I also have noticed that my level of attention to detail in all aspects of my work is becoming more prominent too. The advice and skills I was taught during my internship about precision and what to look for has made tasks I do in my NBR job easier and more streamlined.
We really do have access to unique and terrific talent, and are here to help facilitate the relationship between Employers and Interns. If you would like to learn more about employing these diverse talents, please get in touch with Jake or Sarah from the Be. Employed team.