Celebrating World First Audio Game App

The blind cricket audio game launch Last month we attended the launch of the world’s first Blind Cricket game app, hosted by Auckland University of Technology.  The Blind Cricket game is the latest development from Jarek Beksa and the team of AUT students behind Audio Game Hub. It's awesome to see our fabulous partners and accessibility champions at Auckland University of Technology supporting this fantastic initiative.
The launch of this world-first audio game was held, very aptly, in conjunction with a celebration and send-off for the New Zealand Blind Cricket Team, as they headed off to India to the Blind Cricket World Cup.
The launch presented a fantastic opportunity to see demonstrations of both the digital and real world version of the game. We were able to get a real insight into how the game was developed, with the support and engagement in reviewing and testing the new app from the New Zealand Blind Cricket Team.
For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience Blind Cricket, it is very similar to the conventional game. The most significant differences are that it is played bowling overarm, the stumps are metal to give an audible sound, and the ball is plastic with small plastic balls in it to make an audible plastic rattle sound when it is moving. There are also three sight categories dependent on degree of vision.
It was absolutely amazing watching the New Zealand Blind Cricket Team in action on the grounds of AUT. They put on a great demonstration, and once settled in had a great shot at bowling out (blindfolded) Auckland Blues players. Bags packed, the team literally headed straight to the Airport following the launch, off to an amazing and intense tour of India playing the world’s best in the T20 World Tournament. Congratulations to a talented group of players on a such huge effort.

Congratulations also to Audio Game Hub for their latest innovative audio game. It is set to be even more successful than their previous games released in 2016- the Blind Cricket game has been live for 10 days on Android and 4 days on iOS, with 4000 downloads so far!
Half of the donations from the game will be used to support the New Zealand Blind Cricket team.  Look it up in Google play or the app store and have a go!